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Mount Utmost

A new game currently in development designed by Shannon Ribbons. For enquiries please email me
mount utmost box 2 render

The Story:

For several years rumours concerning a powerful artefact located on a mysterious Island in the wild seas of the North have been making their way to the King. 

The King’s Scryer has recently discovered prophecies concerning a mythical crystal which can be found in a shrine on a mountain called Mount Utmost, lying in the centre of the island. It is said that the crystal must be retrieved to avert a great catastrophe which could destroy the kingdom. The prophecy also states that time is running out - the crystal needs to be found without delay.

The King has given ships and fighters to several of his Chieftains to retrieve the Crystal. However, a powerful storm has shipwrecked the fleet, and each surviving Chieftain is washed up on the shores of the island with their ships damaged and many people lost.

The Quest: 

Your quest is to retrieve The Crystal Of Dawn which is hidden in a secret shrine on Mount Utmost. To find the crystal, Maps and Clues need to be discovered. Each Map points to the location of a Site of Power where special powers, spells, more clues and artefacts await the discoverer; and each Clue fragment helps piece together the secret of the Crystal’s location.

Clue fragments come in one of 4 colours. Once a Clue is solved (usually by travelling to a location and performing a test), its colour counts towards your total. All four colours are needed to solve the location of the Crystal. When you have solved the location you may travel to Mount Utmost and retrieve the Crystal.

To add to the confusion, the island’s denizens are none too happy with the arrival of armed and aggressive strangers. The Island Council will organise ever more powerful and vengeful Vigilante parties with the purpose of stopping the King’s emissaries.

Finally, you will also have a separate, unique goal which you will need to fulfil in order to claim a truly heroic victory in your quest for The Crystal of Dawn.